1. Name of the church:

Evangelisch Centrum Europoort / Europoort International Church

2. RSIN number:


3. Contact details:

Visiting address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 326, 3021 GV, Rotterdam
Postal address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 310, 3021 GV, Rotterdam
Telephone number: 010-4761100 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 and 12:30)

4. Board composition:

Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

5. Policy plan:

The municipality’s policy plan can be found by clicking on the link below: multiannual financial plan

6. Remuneration policy :

Persons with the following positions receive a salary for their work:

  • Pastor
  • Secretary
  • Secretarial planner Kingdomlife
  • Financial administrator
  • Team leader worship
  • Team leader KingdomLife College
  • Building manager
  • Facilities manager

Reimbursement is recorded in the municipality’s salary building. The majority of these employees work part-time. The total number of FTE is 3.1. Other people who work at the office for at least two days a week receive a voluntary allowance. Other voluntary work by church members does not compensate.

7. Objective of the institution:

The purpose of the municipality is set out in article 3, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the articles of association, which are listed below:
Article 3
The denomination aims to make men, women and children through the proclamation of God’s word to disciples of Jesus Christ; disciples are characterized in love for Him and for their neighbors, both inside and outside the denomination. It tries to achieve this goal by:
a. conducting religious exercises and evangelistic meetings and using the press, radio, television, internet and any other legal means that the denomination considers necessary;
a. initiating, stimulating or managing for example:

– mission work;
– collection, food bank, clothing bank;
– religious education in general;
– Equipment and training, which aims to prepare pastoral staff, youth leaders, children’s workers, evangelists, missionary workers, municipal leaders and reception workers
b. promoting a coherent policy both within the denomination and outside it at local, regional, national and international level, including through cooperation with other denominations or Christian organizations, whose objective corresponds with the goal of the denomination;
c. holding public collections to achieve its objectives;
d. other legally permissible means, which are related to the foregoing or are conducive thereto, all in the broadest sense.

8. Report of the activities :

In addition to holding Sunday meetings, the various pages of this website give an impression of the various activities that take place within the municipality. This could include organizing courses, granting pastoral care and reaching out to society through a food bank and clothing bank.

9. Financial accounting with explanation:

Contributions church members€ 278.800€ 296.116€ 300.234
Proceeds from assets€ 99.000€ 100.237€ 84.035
Other income€ 35.246€ 33.016€ 18.634
Total benefits€ 413.046€ 429.369€ 402.903
Municipal operations€ 58.550€ 52.753€ 39.286
Meetings€ 20.500€ 17.804€ 16.633
Staff costs and volunteers€ 162.500€ 167.155€ 162.462
Office costs€ 15.000€ 12.138€ 15.426
Building costs€ 108.450€ 108.772€ 152.072
Depreciation€ 24.000€ 24.000€ 24.000
Other costs€ 14.000€ 12.851€ 11.745
Total expenses€ 403.000€ 395.473€ 421.624
Result€ 10.046€ 33.896€ -18.721

In the past season, the income increased compared to the previous season and in particular the contributions from church members were higher than budgeted. On the expenditure side, the expenditure was lower than budgeted. This has resulted in a positive result for the past season and clearly higher than previously estimated.

10. Overview of intended expenditures with explanation:

Contribution church members€ 295.500
Proceeds from assets€ 96.900
Other income€ 15.250
Total benefits€ 407.650
Municipal operations€ 55.600
Meetings€ 19.000
Staff costs and volunteers€ 161.750
Office costs€ 14.000
Building costs€ 107.850
Depreciation€ 24.000
Other costs€ 14.500
Total expenses€ 396.700
Result€ 10.950

The policy plan describes how the expected income is allocated to the various expenditure items. The budget for the 2017-2018 season is in line with these percentages.


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