Within Europoort we are trained and work with the Sozo method. The heart of Sozo is bringing people into contact with God so that they hear from Him personally. Sozo is not a counseling session, but a intimate time of interaction with Father, Son and Holy Spirit bringing healing to body, soul and mind.
Sozo is a personal time of prayer for inner healing and deliverance and comes forth from the Bethel Church in Redding. (

Sozo is a Greek word for salvation, healing and deliverance and occurs 110 times in the New Testament. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, wounds from the past are healed and false ideas that hinder our relationship with Father, Son or Holy Spirit are unmasked and replaced by the truth of God.

During a Sozo session:

  • You hear personally from God.
  • You will experience that wounds from the past are healed and strongholds are broken.
  • Open doors from the past,which have a negative influence in your present, are closed.
  • Lies are revealed and are replaced by Gods truth.

At the end of a Sozo session you receive a list of the life giving things that God has spoken. The heart of Sozo is to lead people to God where their questions can answered by Him. “The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive.” (Proverbs 20:27).

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